The Return!

Well, who would’ve thought? It’s been 2 years I suppose and I think I’m going to revive this god damn blog that nobody reads. Some of you do and thanks, but shit has been going down in my life and I had completely forgotten about this blog. While trying to get back on my feet, I met this woman, I didn’t actually meet her cuz I live on the internet haha, but you get the drift. She’s nice and she’s got a blog and you know what they say; if she’s got a blog, get a dog! No, no, they don’t say that. Notice me senpaiiiii!


Start writing she said, it’s nice they said. I like trains! And that tree, for now. Alright, let’s get to the point now. I think I’m going to be active here and write about stuff that I find interesting. Maybe even upload some short videos, like them Vines. Anyway, thanks to all 6 of you who read this and thanks to you for asking me to start writing over here again. I don’t normally blab about what I want and like and blah, but I thought I should. I want a Mustang! Take care now.