Hey everyone, who’s not reading this, I’m Sid! Woohoooo! Yay! Alright!

So, why am I Droidsid? No, I’m not an Android user! The ‘Droid’ here stands for robotic human cyborg terminator etc. I’m that regular skinny guy you don’t know about, and if you do then I’m probably the weirdest and funniest guy that you’ll ever not know. Say what now? Haha! Yeah, I’m a little crazy! I’m listening to some Hoobastank as I’m writing this, so basically I don’t know what I’m typing, I’m just typing whatever comes to my head. I love tech, gadgets, bikes, cars, riding, touring, girls and Music of course!! 😀

This blog is where I’ll be sharing all the thoughts in my head, what happens everyday, what I do and other stuff that I like! I’ll try to update everyday, probably upload some videos as well, we’ll see how it goes. I’ve done this before, but never really got the time to keep things running!

Alright! Have a great time! Live Together, Die Alone! 😀 Batman FTW!

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