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That crash though!

I’ve had all kinds of crashes and now I’ve had a tank slap too. There’s this section of road near my place with an incline which I always jump. Today though, the front… Continue reading

I Don’t Go To College, But I’ve Been Doing Projects

I dropped out of college because I hate studying. This was almost 3 years ago. Since then, I’ve done a lot. I’ve worked for plenty of Tech websites, I’ve appeared on TV for… Continue reading

There’s Going to Be A New Batman Game: Arkham Knight

OMG YAY! Soo I want to start off a new era, haha, with this awesome post. To all those who love Batman, you’re my people. To all those who like Superman, well, guess… Continue reading

The Return!

Well, who would’ve thought? It’s been 2 years I suppose and I think I’m going to revive this god damn blog that nobody reads. Some of you do and thanks, but shit has… Continue reading


Hey everyone! This is the first post to go live on this blog! I know, I need to get a domain name and utilize my hosting instead of doing this on, but… Continue reading