That crash though!

I’ve had all kinds of crashes and now I’ve had a tank slap too. There’s this section of road near my place with an incline which I always jump. Today though, the front wheel landed a little cross, went into tank slap mode, huge uncontrollable wobble and bam boom bash. I didn’t let go of the bike, which resulted in my fingers getting fucked pretty bad. I’m fine though, onlookers told me it was God who saved me, I was just looking at the damages to my bike.

The bike hit the divider, flipped once, rolled twice and came to a stop, looking at me, with the clutch yolk broken. As soon as I hit the ground, the first thing that hit me was ‘I hope she’s fine, my bike I mean’. I was a little fast lol, I got up after maybe three rolls and some lovely hugging sess with the road and ran picked up the bike. Someone approached me and was like ‘Dude, first see if you’re fine, I ignored him, pulled my bike to the side and looked at what had happened. I usually wear my gloves  and sometimes the jacket when I ride, but today I’d just gone to the doctor and then I went to the doctor again haha.


I’m fine though, multiple wounds, both hands, shoulder.. Friction burn on the stomach and DAT pain. I’ll live. My hands are shivering as I write this but I just ain’t care.

The doctor was like alright, you need to get admitted, get an ultrasound and some xrays. I got up, cleaned the wounds, signed some paper and walked out with a prescription. Now here’s something funny that I noticed on the prescription as I checked it after I got home. It read, ‘Not willing for admission and investigation’. I burst out laughing 😛


Anyways, Ride safe all you people. Make sure to strap your helmet tight because that’s what saved me. I wish I’d worn my riding gear, I’d have no abrasions or wounds. Well, shit happens. 🙂